What Are The Moves Necessary For A Good Routine?

If you are a good gymnast or one that aspires to be one, you will know that you need a three-pronged approach. You will need strength, stamina, and power as well. Gymnasts need to do these exercises on a daily basis to build up their bodies to withstand the pressures and the rigors that gymnastics puts them through.

Here Are Some Super Exercises That Ought To Be Performed:

Hollow body hold –This helps to make you stronger and more stable, and thereby you will be able to better transfer force from the upper to lower body, and this will increase your power in sprinting, kicking, hitting, jumping, pulling and pushing.

Hollow pull up – This is holding the body in a concave way. This increases the stability and engages more muscles. The lats and abs are able to work together better with this.

L Seat- It is used on rings and parallel bars. This builds stamina and strength for the rectus abdominus as well as the triceps, lats and the hip flexor muscles. This gives you a strong torso.

Planche pushups- These are used for strength and to build endurance. This gives you a harder core than regular pushups do, and you get to strengthen your connective tissues and muscles as well.

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