Matt Barnes And The Golden Warriors

It was a sunny day for the Golden State Warriors as Matt Barnes rode with them to pick up some of his things before hitting the road.

Matt Barnes loves the fact that he is in the Bay Area and he is helping his team to get over the loss of Kevin Durant. Kevin for at least a month needs to be sidelined due to a knee injury.

Barnes was part of the playoff team in 2007, and that put an end to the drought which lasted 12 long years.

Barnes was thrilled to be back with his old team after a whole decade. Everything has changed including the players and the organization as well, yet it is wonderful to be back. Barnes played his first game against Boston at the Oracle Arena.

Barnes got a standing ovation from the crowd and was checked into the game with just under 4 minutes left in the opening quarter.

Barnes wanted to join a winner, and he did not want to join someone that was starting over as he felt he was too old to start over at 37. He therefore waited and was in readiness. In the meantime, he still ensured that he worked and also got time to be with his kids.

Barnes wanted to come back only when he felt there was a chance of chasing a championship and this is why he fit in like a glove. In fact, even though Durant will probably return in the last week or perhaps the second last one, Barnes will be able to fill the void.

Barnes felt great to be connected with the team, and they felt it was good too that he is one of them again. In fact it was very special having him back on the team of which, he once such an important part.

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