How Cool Is It To Have A Move Named After You!

Everyone wants to be remembered for all eternity and what better way to be remembered forever than to have a move named after you. Here are some moves which are named after gymnasts.

The Biles: Simone Biles, the three-time world champion and the Olympic all-rounder, had a unique floor exercise which was named after her. This was a double layout which she attempted, but as her calf muscle was torn on her landing, to protect herself, she changed this to a half out.

The Patterson: This move was named after the 2004 individual gold medalist Carly Patterson. On this move, Carly Patterson did a double flip dismount from the beam with her knees in the tucked position and that too, she added a back flip to the half turn.

The Dick: This was a one of a kind mount done by Marisa Dick on the balance beam during the 2016 Olympics.

The Produnova: This is the most dangerous and difficult of all vaults, and the vaulters start with a front handspring, and they finish with two front flips.

The Mikulak: This had Mikulak jumping from one bar to the next bar in a single motion and that too with one hand.