Things To Do Before You Die

Are you a Thrill Seeker looking out for the latest adventure? There are a number of things which are necessary for you to accomplish and do and to check off your bucket list before you die – especially if you are an extreme enthusiast.

Heli-skiing: This is an extreme sport where you are taken to the mountains in a helicopter, and from there you are unloaded. This is best done in Canada though it can be undertaken in other places too.

Volcano boarding: This is possible in Nicaragua. This consists of going down a volcano that is active at speeds of 90 km/hr., and you can steer and brake using your heels.

Mountain biking downhill: This is very adrenaline packed, and it includes biking down hills using suspension bikes. You can glide over rocks as well as tree roots, and for this, you need to ensure the bike is well designed as your safety depends on it.

Freshwater cave diving: This sport is meant for those that do not want to stop at scuba diving. This is risky as it depends on the water currents, visibility, and so many more factors.

Skydiving: Just the thrill of jumping out of a plane when you are at 10,000 feet is enough to give you the rush of adrenaline.

Bouldering: This is like rock climbing. Only this is harder. Here there is no safety equipment or ropes. This is a huge sport, and it is practiced on varying heights.

Kite surfing: This is paragliding combined with waterboarding, and in this sport, the surfer can move through the waves and propel himself using a power kite. It is like being on a surfboard but without having any kind of foot straps.

Ice climbing: This highly adventurous sport consists of climbing on ice formations like waterfalls and others using ropes and special equipment.